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Lifestylecoach is an advisory business that seeks to add significant value to our clients by identifying with the unique needs of each person and pairing them with the leading insurance, health and investment products. In a dynamic, demanding and ever-changing industry it is our true passion to support and encourage our clients to take responsibility to engage with their product portfolio and significantly enhance their insurance and investments through awareness and action.

Whilst there remains notable benefit provided by traditional insurance models, the information age has led to amazing innovation and integration models for planning portfolios that over time unlock considerable value and wealth creation. These models have been largely pioneered by Discovery. What this really means is that with new data insurers hold a deeper, more comprehensive understanding of the health and wealth trends, enabling them to dynamically underwrite risk; allowing for ongoing discounts and premium paybacks.




Dave and Hester Vaughan have a passion to build into others by sharing the lessons that they've learned from both the ups and the downs along the way.

Starting out in business mentorship, success coaching and financial planning, they have experienced the dynamics of human relationships in families, teams and within the realm of both small and large corporations.

Their learning through both their own success and failure has equipped them to be supportive and empowering for wherever people may find themselves on the journey of life.

David and Hester have been married for over twenty years and have two teenage children.

They are passionate about transformation. Education and inspiration are the tools of their trade to enable people to live and love LIFE.  Whether it's one-on-one coaching or training workshops in the corporate arena, their effervescent enthusiasm is contagious and ignites change.

The unique element of their training pertains to the importance of the holistic development of people and their passions.  Learning to bring connection to the whole person; spirit, (soul-intellect and emotion) and body, is what produces successful people and a successful life.

Most recently David and Hester’s success within the financial planning arena and their ability to embrace the evolving landscape of the sector has led and inspired them to expand their services into what is now LifeStyleCoach.

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Dave and Hester are both Registered Financial Planners and Dave has qualified as an estate agent with a rich history of entrepreneurship.  Dave and Hester have started a number of successful  businesses and learned from the experiences in the field of what works and what does not.

Hester and David have attended many Leadership Courses, continue to participate in on-going education and are passionate about inspiring and empowering people to transform their lives through the everyday choices that they make.