Part of our 2015 plan is to improve the way we organize our tax returns, which primarily includes figuring out how to deal with the millions of cash slips that are handed to the accountant every year in a shoe box!!

One of our clients is offering training that includes five workshops – Michelle teaches a quick and efficient online system that can be used to organize bank and credit card statements into a report. This report can then be submitted to SARS or used to summarise and review your personal and business expenditures and income. As a bonus she also teaches the handling of payslips and UIF among other benefits for employees.

You can even ‘train’ the online system to recognize regular everyday transactions (e.g. coffee shop or stationery bills) that will then be automatically allocated after the next payment.

The course starts on the 17th of February in Cape Town:  2 hours per session for 5 weeks ( one session per week), costs R2500 and at the end I hope to be able to spend half an hour a week in sorting my financials so that I am not in a panic as the tax deadline looms!

If you would like to join me on the course or attend one later in the year, you can email Michelle directly. She travels around the country to do the course if there are enough delegates in a city.