header Financial Presentations

We are available to give presentations to small and large groups of people on various financial topics.  These presentations are short, informative and most importantly, inspiring and easy to understand!  An example of our educational presentations are:

  • Understanding Investment vehicles: what are Unit trusts, Retirement Annuities and share trading options.
  • Gold and Hold: how to make your Vitality status convert into savings for you
  • How to become wealthy: the Warren Buffett way
  • The importance 1% can make: the UK cycling team story
  • The compound interest of success aka the Lily covering the pond
  • How to make your health convert to wealth

Following the presentations, we are available for one on one consultations to assist the individual to take the information they have just learnt and make it work for them in their own lives.

This has a far greater impact than just hearing inspiring words and remaining unchanged.